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Emily's Army - "Don't Be A Dick" (Digital Download)

Emily's Army - "Don't Be A Dick" (Digital Download)

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“Don’t Be a Dick!” Words of wisdom from the mouth of teenage pop-punk band Emily’s Army. Influenced by the rich East Bay music scene, Gilman Street, classic power pop, and garage rock, Emily’s Army craft heartfelt teenage anthems dealing in cautionary tales, politics, and the pressures of adolescence.

This is the digital download of the album (also available with purchase of the vinyl album, which comes with a download card).

Track Listing:
1. Broadcast This
2. Strictly For The Birds
3. Asslete
4. Rom Drom
5. Little Face
6. Ho-lloween
7. West Coast
8. Statutory Brainrape
9. Burn Apollo
10. The Gutter
11. Regan Macneil
12. I Wanna Be Remembered
13. Bad Cop
14. Loch Lomond

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