White Wives - "Happeners"

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AR049 - White Wives - Happeners

White Wives' debut LP, Happeners on Adeline Records, is inspired by the mid-60s Provo movement, a counterculture movement that used nonviolence and absurd humor to provoke violent reactions from the police. The album bears the title of the movement leaders. This quartet brings together Western Pennsylvania natives Anti-Flag's Chris "#2" Barker and Chris Head, Roger Harvey of Dandelion Snow and Tyler Kweder of American Armada.

11 songs are available on CD and LP, and both come with a digital download card.

Track Listing:

1. Indian Summer, Indian Summer
2. Sky Started Crying
3. Hungry Ghost                                    
4. Spinning Wheels                                              
5. Paper Chaser
6. Another City For A New Weekend
7. Hallelujah, I'm Mourning
8. Grow So Wild & Free
9. The Devil's Alibi
10. Let It Go
11. Like A Runaway Slave 

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